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Ruijie Routers Product Overview

In 2006, Ruijie released the very first patented enterprise-grade routers as the stepping stone into the IP data communication market. After 11 years of sustainable development and innovation, Ruijie has served the backbone networks and Internet gateways across sectors of finance, education and government, and supported a variety of scenarios including access, aggregation, core and mobility with carrier-grade reliable design and all-in-one solutions.

Ruijie Networks ignited the router industry in China with its multi-featured routers customized for financial networks. For further improvement, Ruijie launched the full-feature RSR router series that incorporates routing, switching, VPN, firewall, transmission and application platform into one multi-service and high-reliability router, which can support various routing scenarios, including core, aggregation and access. In addition, to comply with the growing needs of mobile Internet, Ruijie developed industry-leading router series that especially supports 3G/4G mobile data, which can be applied in industry-wide scenarios. Powered by Ruijie’s patented technologies of VCPU, REF and X-Flow, the reliable and robust routers of Ruijie Networks will not compromise any services under any traffic attack.

Scenario-oriented innovation has been shaping the development of Ruijie routers to meet the evolving changes of Internet technology and business-oriented multi-service requirements. Ruijie thereafter presents many correspondent solutions, such as Simplified Network Gateway, Simplified Authentication and Simplified WAN Solution, which have already been implemented and settled across sectors of government, finance, education, transportation, energy, etc. Ruijie, along with top-of-the-line routers, ensures a steady business operations safeguarded by smart network infrastructure, and delivers the simplistic user experience.

1. Aggregation Routers


  • RG-RSR30-44 Router

    The Ruijie RG-RSR30-44 Router provides a next-gen network solution for medium to large-sized enterprises. Built-in with the leading MPLS, BGP, H-QoS and IPFIX technologies and comprehensive access control features, the router provides a consolidated service infrastructure to better address the diversified demands for future business development.

2. Access Routers

  • The Ruijie RG-RSR20-14E Router offers an end-to-end solution for mid-sized and small offices. With the market-leading distributed architecture design, the routing and switching processes are handled by independent CPU. The RG-RSR20-14E Router offers superior manageability and reliability at minimum costs.
  • Ruijie RG-RSR10-01G-T(W) 4G Wireless Router is specifically designed for small and medium businesses to power next-gen network solutions. The leading device supports routing, switching, security, 4G/3G connection all in one to adapt to various deployment scenarios.
  • The Ruijie RG-RSR10-02E Router is the best partner for small-scale branch offices. The router is energy-efficient with low power consumption, light weight and small size, offering exceptional cost savings.
  • The Ruijie RG-RSR10-02 Router deploys a modular architecture and support advanced VCPU, REF and X-Flow technologies. The router supports IPFIX feature and are built-in with hardware encryption engine. The model offers 2 SIC extension slots for various rich-feature, high-density modules, offering an unparalleled performance-price ratio.