Cisco CCNP Datacenter Training

CCNP Datacenter


1.     300-175 DCUCI  (Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing)

1.Implement Cisco Unified Computing

2. Unified Computing Maintenance and Operations

3. Automation

4. Unified Computing Security

5. Unified Computing Storage


2.     300-165 DCII   (Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure).

1.Implement Data Center Protocols

2.Implement Routing and Switching Protocols

3.Data Center Infrastructure Maintenance, Management, and Operations

4.Data Center Infrastructure Security

5 Infrastructure Storage


3.     300-170 DCVAI  (Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation)

1.Implement Infrastructure Virtualization

2.Implement Infrastructure Automation

3.Implementing Application Centric Infrastructure

4.Implementing Application Centric Infrastructure Network Resources

5.Implementing Application Centric Infrastructure Management and Monitoring


4.     300-160 DCID (Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure)

1.Data Center Network Connectivity Design

2.Data Center Infrastructure Design

3.Data Center Storage Network Design

4.Data Center Compute Connectivity Design

5.Data Center Compute Resource Parameters Design


5.     300-180 DCIT (Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure)

1.Troubleshooting Data Network Protocols

2.Troubleshooting Network Virtualization and Automation

3.Troubleshooting Application Centric Infrastructure

4.Troubleshooting Data Center Storage

5.Troubleshooting Data Center Compute Platforms

6.Troubleshooting Data Center Management and Operations